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Single Source

Single source means we control the entire project from start to finish.  No surprises.  Our guys work together from engineering needs to fabrication to field erection. Saving money, time and resulting in a smoother flow from start to finish.


Innovation, Imagination and Pure Enthusiasm Allow us to Succeed!

The reason we were awarded our first Kamyr Digester is because of how we proposed to deal with handling the vessel, that was heavy enough to be 100% stress-relieved.  The traditional way is to build the unit and then fire it from the bottom and control the heat throughout the vessel, but heat always rises and the lightest steel is at the top and the heaviest is at the bottom and it's hard to control the heat at the top.  So, we built a 40-foot by 40-foot tank and insulated it, making it a stress-reliever oven.  We fabricated the digester in module sections and stress relieved them on the ground.  When the pieces were finished being stress relieved, we stacked them on the foundation and did a  local stress relieve of the closing seams.  That way we get the heat more properly in the right location and we do more work on the ground than in the air, resulting in a safer and more productive job.

One Company That Does It All!

Planning, maintenance and repairs, fabrication and erection

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