Our History


We perform custom fabrication and erection of pressure vessels, heat exchangers, stacks, spheres, digester's, tanks, and economizers.  We also erect Heat Recovery Steam Generators, Boilers and perform turn-a-rounds and shutdowns as well as maintenance work.  We're still one of the oldest and largest custom steel plate fabricators and erectors of our kind!


After 114 years we're still known for our ability to get things done, our experience and knowledge allow us to think outside the box and our willingness and 'can do' attitude have enabled us to continue to grow.  May we be of Service?



We have the Ability, Experience, Knowledge and Willingness

Established in 1900, PSF Industries, Inc. has grown into one of the largest “Custom Steel Plate Fabricators and Erectors” of its kind.

Our history starts around the time of the Alaskan Klondike Gold Rush.  Our founding fathers realized potential opportunity when miners headed to Alaska. So they purchased Seattle Manufacturing.  Seattle Manufacturing made stoves and ranges and the miners needed stoves for heat and to cook on.  The stoves and ranges were marketed and sold through furniture stores.  A strategic move for PSF Industries and the beginning of a long history of diversification and growth.  The span of time between 1900 and 1917 is filled with purchases of businesses to add and enhance the original company.  All important to the prosperity and growth of PSF Industries but none more so than participating in the war efforts.  The war is a part of American history and the participation of the men and women during this time was invaluable.  We, as a company, had a very small part but it was a defining part of our history and what ultimately sealed the direction we took towards more industrial type work and continued growth.


World War I

In 1917 the United States entered World War I.  Our founding fathers, in an effort to support the war, turned PSF's focus more into the industrial field.  This enabled the company to perform steel fabrication, such as structural steel and plate work, up to one inch thick and allowed for the manufacture of lifeboats, life rafts and various parts including ventilation and duct equipment for ships.


World War II

In 1941 When World War II was declared PSF once again elevated its efforts to support the war.  Business operations were divided into two plants, one for the ship building industry and the other for the aircraft industry.  Plant No. 1 fabricated items from steel plate, alloys and exotic metals up to three inches thick, supplying intakes, smokestacks, cowls, hot water tanks and hatch covers, employing up to 300.  Plant No. 2 fabricated aircraft parts from sheet metal for Boeing's B-17 and B-29 bombers in the form of fuselage sections, wings and bulk heads as well as other aircraft parts and employed 1,200 on three shifts.  80% of the employees during this time were women.  Ladies from high school drop outs to Grandmothers learned riveting, welding, metal shearing, pipe-fitting, and print reading, these ladies were affectionately called "Rosie the Riveters".  We are proud of our history and this is only a sampling of our past.

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