"We can only reflect on the business world of 1900 as a starting point in our corporate history.  A single album photo shows us that nothing has been untouched by progress.

Fledgling industries have grown and matured, adapting to new technologies.  Scientific discovery has reshaped so many businesses that they bear no resemblance to their origins.  Perhaps only the concepts that we perceive are what remain today:


Integrity, Commitment, Pride of workmanship,  and Quality of product.


For PSF Industries, Inc., these concepts have not changed.  Throughout the organization there reigns an abiding determination to create and accept nothing but the best."  PSF Brochure


This company is different in the attitude it takes toward each of the jobs it involves itself in.  We have evolved over the years.  We are a company owned and operated by the people who do the work; the men who make the decisions; men who know the metal fabricating industry because they grew up in it; men whose reputations are on the line.

"Today about 90 percent of our work is for repeat customers.  It's our reputation for working safely, providing excellent quality, making on-time deliveries and being available for service 7 days a week, 24 hours a day that keeps them coming back"


          Stanley R. Miller, former President, PSF Industries

"PSF is a contractor that has exhibited the ability to complete complex construction projects safely within the time constraints of today's fast pace construction environment."

                       Roger Langille, Las Vegas, NV.

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